It’s All About

Fabulous Natasha Burns is hosting a very special swap party for very special guest with a fun twist.

We all love crafting and creating especially for someone special in our lives, but this time, the gift is supposed to be for us, who is often the last person our list.

I had the best fun with this theme which of course you know I needed to start a new altered book.

A few months ago our family had a frightful time, everyone is on the mend now but as a result my daughter said we all had to start working on our bucket list as a way of focusing on positive plans for the future.

I started writing my list in this darling little book but after posting pics of ideas, next thing you know we were bursting at the seams and a perfect excuse to start altering.

It was kind of hard to stop and leave room on the pages for the photo and notes about when we get to do these fun things.

Some of my plans include spending time on Cape York working on the sea turtle rescue and rehab projects and attending Silver Bella, a crafting girl’s dream date.

Chipboard from Tattered Angels Nature Collection and the huge compass stamp is from their Tattered Traveller range.

Thank you Natasha for hosting this swap party it is starting out to be very special project.

One swap I would really like to participate in would be for the British postage stamps with the bright red post boxes. Just perfect for someone who loves a bit of postal and altered art. If you are interested in a swap, drop me an email.