Living your life

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste, experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.”Eleanor Roosevelt

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Photos out the plane window can be tricky but oh so much fun with the sights that you might see. Boston harbour turned on a lovely view of a ‘tall ship’ cruising out into the bay.  Click the link for Sky Watch Friday to see what 100s of bloggers from all over are sharing this week.


Whatevers is a new challenge site hosted by 3 creative friends Cat Scanlon, Vicki Chrisman, Nat Kalbach,  to celebrate found photos and the stories that could be told.

Found photos  are often for sale at jumble stalls and antique centres.  Sadly their story is lost but the images are rich with details of fashion or landscapes that have changed and vintage automobiles.  Do you ever wonder, who are these people and what is their story? 
The Whatever theme reminded me of Nick Bantock’s mail art books where the characters wrote to each other in decorated correspondence and inspired me to create a journal for Charles and Chelsea.  With their families moving away the two young friends are documenting adventures in their journals and letters to each other……

Dearest Charles

Sailing into the spice island of Grenada is a beautiful experience, greeted by all kinds of bright squawking birds, the water is sparking blue and a little breeze to keep the humidity from becoming too stifling.  Mother and father are busy setting up house in a pretty bungalow on the shore.  I have been out exploring, collecting specimens from the beach and gardens that I thought you would like.

 Parts of the region are very French, we have cafe’ au lait for breakfast and croissants but afternoon tea is distinctly British with tiny tea sandwiches.  Tomorrow I am expected to start school with the other expats and mother took this photo of us all together to celebrate.  So for now…. au revior my friend can’t wait to share more news from the other end of the world.

That is my start with the Whatever’s and a reminder on why we scrapbook or journal the stories behind the photos.  Click the links ~ join the fun ~ and remember to tell your story.