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Getting outdoors and making the new year memorable

Happy New Year  ! This new year marked the start of an exciting adventure after being introduced the first time to the native Australian stingless bees.  In the photos they are the tiny little black spots, how nice to not have to be afraid of a bug bite or find a bee without a stinger. This year’s summer holiday […]


Where & What

Catching up on lots of creative posts.  Next week we double celebrate with Canada Day and then 4th of July.  In celebration of the town we called home for a large part of my childhood am sharing a project life style page on Plymouth.  If you get to that part of the country, Plymouth has […]


Celebrating Life

Project Life is making a big impact on the world of papercrafting and art journaling.  Those little pockets unleash a different kind of creativity and I love that focus on writing the story to go with the photos.   Last month we held a celebration of life for our mother with the kind help of Nici […]