Random Little Acts of Sweetness

Lori of Faerie Window has posted this little button recently to celebrate the joy of finding new friends in blogland, the gifts of time and encouragement that is openly shared along with the tangible treasures that arrive in mailboxes to brighten the day.

Recently sent out some secret seasonal gifts to friends in the spirit of random acts of kindness. It felt so good to be able to send some goodness someone else’s way. How about you? Want to post Lori’s button and toss treasures around?

Searching For Sheet Music

Have got an idea for next year’s Christmas cards and hostess gifts that calls for sheet music background for songs like “Home for the Holidays”. If any one has something they could part with, drop us a line for a swap or paypal or what ever. You know how pedantic I am about the whole theme concepts and it just has to be ‘home & hearts’