Sunny Days on the Koala Coast

G’day from the Australia’s koala coast.  These are the cute images that the world has of life down under, sunshine on a tropical afternoon and getting up close with nature.

Sharing this photo with Chrisy’s Reconnecting With Nature party , seeing koalas can’t help but make you smile.  Koalas always look so peaceful and relaxed.  Kind of hard to pull off when their species is under huge stress.  In a couple of remote protected islands koalas are getting a bit inbreed and over supply but for the most part their numbers are in steep decline including here on the Koala Coast. Predictions are that Koalas can be extinct in our life time.  That is a sad statement but too common when our community does not protect habitat and when choosing to live close to nature not being respectful in the little things we can do to share the space, like keeping an eye out for them on the road at night and keeping dogs locked up at night. 
The beach photo is Currumbin next door to a wildlife sanctuary, tucked away in the hustle of a busy city working with injured wildlife and sharing the experience of getting up close with nature.
For my friends with the Expat Blogging Challenge I could say that palm trees and poisonous snakes  are a big change for the foggy shores of North Atlantic, but sure are an experience to enjoy and all the more fun when sharing our adventures down under. 

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