The best

“The best feeling in the world is being the cause of a genuine smile on someone’s face.” Allison Meadows

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A friend forwarded this little find to me, do not know who Allison Meadows is and cannot find it referenced anywhere but do like the theme for our Sky Watch Friday friends who delight in the finding and sharing views of their sky.  An uncomplicated but always interesting way to finish up the work week.  Happy Sky Watching everyone.

A peek into some of the projects we have been working on with Tattered Angels  paints, follow the link to see what else we have been up to.

Thank you to everyone who leaves comments and visits my blog.  Have been blessed with some sweet messages recently from folks who just wanted to say thanks for what we have happening here.  Just like anyone else, there are times when it is hard to find a great photo and sometimes it is hard to find a quote that gets my attention enough to want to share. But on the weeks when someone takes the time to say thank you for being the bright spark or breath of fresh air in their week – it makes my week too.