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Mandy Collins Pearl Maple mixed media

Welcome Back

  Welcome Back ! Hope you are all travelling well as can be expected in what have been changeable times. You have been missed, our blogging community has blessed me with many friends. Open to your suggestions, in the new era of blogging, what do you like to see and value reading?   Thinking…will use blog […]

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Spring in the tropics

We hardly get a winter in this region, maybe a bit chilly at night but nature sure does like to put on a show for spring.  Lots of trees blossom with cheerful colours and wildflowers dot the landscape.  Got to check out the Southern Cross University Arts vs Science event where they celebrated the local environment.  Friends of the Lismore […]

mandy collins tall poppy art quilt pearl maple

Tall Poppies

Hello blogging friends, It has been a while…. things happen and take time to sort.  Lately I have been watching the tall poppy scenario cutting off possibilities before they had a chance to try.  It is so sad to see ideas and creatives being pushed back before they had a chance to try.  What’s the harm […]


Turn your face to the light

Turn your face to the light and the shadows will fall behind you. Maori proverb Had a fabulous visit to the countryside with family and enjoying the great outdoors. It is winter in the tropics, not frosty but a delightful crispness to the air and early morning light.  While we were there we got to […]

mandy collins pearl maple some days sparkle like diamonds 2

Some days sparkle like diamonds

Days like this with sparking water and light breezes are meant to be enjoyed. Every little ripple on the water reflecting the bright afternoon sunshine.       Joining Linky Parties: Sky Watch Friday Chrisy’s Reconnecting With Nature party

the farm at byron bay mandy collins mixed media tutorial

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow

“to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow’  Audrey Hepburn That is such a lovely message. For gardeners we know it to be true, growing something from seed can take a while but oh so worth it. This week I got some time off in the country to enjoy family, fresh air and sunshine.  […]

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Time & Tide

“Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” Harriet Beecher Stowe Bit of a cloudy start to the day but always a delight to see what is happening around the shore line. Joining Linky Parties: Sky Watch Friday Chrisy’s Reconnecting With Nature party

a red sky in morning  pearl maple

Red Sky in Morning – Sailor Take Warning

Love these old rhyming tales, sometimes they work internationally like righty tighty lefty loosy but apparently not so with the old red sky in morning. According to Wikepdiea and other weather experts the red sky in morning plan only works  in the middle latitudes but reverses the closer you get to the poles and equators. Oh well, […]

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Quiet Mornings

Am enjoying the change of seasons and quiet early morning walks. Link Parties: Connecting with Nature Sky Watch Friday

mandy collins pearl maple mail art

Waiting on the weather

We are waiting on the arrival of a bit of wild weather.  Here in the tropics they call them a cyclone while I grew up with hurricanes, either way its going to be blustery on the coast. The artist and nature watcher in me finds wild weather interesting (as long has you have a safe […]