All Hollows Eve

As it is Halloween or All Hollows Eve I am sharing some photos from a recent adventure.  We went out to look at a indigenous Bora Ring (ceremonial place) and found that the local pioneers liked the space on the hill as well.  It does have some amazing views across the countryside. True to the style of the era the cemetery has separate areas, one corner for Catholics another for Protestants.  mandy collins mail art tutorial pearl maple

Sadly it was the norm for babies that were not christened or people of mixed race to be in another section, often without a marker.

pearl maple mandy collins mail art tutorials

Off in the distance all by itself we saw this little marker.  As a grandmother you feel all the pains of a tiny stone and seeing little Ivy was only with her family for a year and half. little ivy pearl maple mail art tutorial mandy collins

The inscription shows the stone was erected by her brother.  It is a loving touch for families to decorate and leave gifts but what got me is … the stone is showing its age with parts wearing off but there a lot of gifts there, some of them new and even a message in bottle. The paper is still quite fresh and white.  Little Ivy might not have had a long time with her family but obviously she is much loved and cared for and resting in peace with a beautiful view of countryside.

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