Painting on fabric


Painting on fabric is a creative adventure, different types of fabric react differently to paint and inks. This workshop is a quick introduction to basic techniques that can be used on cards or other craft projects.


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Postcards can be considered a 6×4 mini canvas for art, they can be sent in the mail or work just as well as a card, title block for a multi pocket style scrapbook page or background for other creative projects. This workshop focuses on painting techniques on different types of fabric including

  • inks as a canvas wash
  • creating layers of color with mists
  • stencils on canvas
  • silk style painting

The inspiration for this class came from visiting the creative markets in Asia where they do magical things with paint on silk. For many of us silk is a very expensive fabric, especially when you are practicing. The samples for this workshop were created on a polyester fabric used for lining clothing. Other fabrics used in the samples are Ranger’s sticky back canvas but you could just as easily use any painting canvas for a similar result.

This workshop is presented as a slide show with voice over explaining the techniques, with class notes that you can print out to use as a reference guide while practicing the techniques.  Please note as part of transferring this slide show over to the new technology there are a couple of places where the audio drops in/out during the introduction or gets a little bunched up. This does not impact on the instructions and the class notes provide detailed instructions with photo references.


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