Shadow Boxes as Memory Keeping


Creating a display in a shadow box is a wonderful opportunity to show case a collection or tell a story. The workshop is all about learning techniques that will help you to quickly assemble a collection, establish a color theme, use of design principles to plan the structure, explore mixed media techniques and the little details that make your display uniquely U. The lessons are broken into 4 sections covering the history of shadow boxes, assembling the collection, creating backgrounds and even a little adventure with adhesives.

This is one of my older workshops with a slide show with voice overs explaining the steps. As part of converting to the new web site, in some places the audio drops out but this does not impact on the instructions. There are detailed class notes for each part of the workshop that you can print as a reference. The class is listed at discounted price until I can rebuild the slide shows.



Shadow Boxes can showcase your story or be a real decorative feature for your home.  This workshop provides quick tips that help you build a multidimensional collage along with introduction to mixed media techniques.


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