Fruit Tingle

Cut one medium sized pineapple in half
Chop out core and recycle
Leaving a 1 inch shell scoop out pineapple and chop into chunks, sprinkle with 4 tbps something yummy like Malibu or a coconut flavour syrup and leave for an hour to marinate.

Meringue, use very clean bowl to whip 3 egg whites till stiff (when you lift the beaters the peaks stay up) gradually add ¾ cup sugar and ½ tsp vanilla. Spoon meringue into a piping bag or plastic bag with corner cut off.

Pour pineapple pieces back into shell, spread 2 cups of the thickest richest full fat ice cream on top and seal with 1 inch slices of pound cake. Splash a little more Malibu if you like the taste. Pipe up meringue over the cake pieces. Bake 380F or 200C

for 5 or 6 mins to set the meringue and serve

Yummy sweet fruit tingle with ice cream and more.