Home Comforts

For anyone who knows me they would say this is not at all like me to be working in pink. It was for a competition and really needed to be pink but am rather pleased with the home spun country goodness flavour that resulted and thought we would share.

Before you all go emailing asking for the recipe – it is very easy and happy to share. Get your old copy of the Rice Crispies or Bubbles cereal recipe, with marshmallow fluff or real melted marshmallows, makes no difference in this case.

When your mix is ready to set, coat an icecream scoop or melon baller with non stick (no flavour) spray because this is pretty sticky. Drop your marshmallow balls into jimmies or sprinkles, roll and pop into a cupcake paper case for the icecream scoop or petite cases for melon balls. Toss in the refrigerator to set. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Be Dream Play the home of the famous Bloglandia Ball is hosting another prompt on Home Comfort and what it means to everyone.

Karla’s Country Cottage recently hosted a Romantic Country – What Do You Love About Your Home party , where she linked lots of party participants who shared their favourite little corner and nooks.

It got me to thinking, we have some nice things we could photograph but really they do not make it a ‘home’. It is supposed to be the people you share the place with that make a place a home. After many years of travelling my people are scattered, closest family live many hours away interstate and most of the others are overseas.

Where is home then?
For me, within sound of the ocean waves is the closest thing to home for me.