Kate from the French Nest tagged me in the Middle Name Game.

You know the rules of these things, I am supposed to find a word for each letter of my middle name and then tag that many other bloggers to do the same.

My middle name, although perfectly nice has 10 letters, would have been here all afternoon. Instead we are using my confirmation name.

Friends & family mean the world to me, they all check the blog to see what we have been up to and know that most everything I create is going to be a gift to someone soon.
Artistic Animal lover yup that’s me, from the very beginning very particular about colouring inside the lines or matching the colours but annoying when everything has to be just so. Love the great outdoors and all the little animals we share the planet with. Sometimes though, I just wish they would keep to their own back yard or least out of my kitchen. (see below)
Inquiring always curious, how did you make that, why do things turn out that way.
Traveller for sure, how else would a gal that hails from the foggy shores of the Bay of Fundy grow up on the sandy dunes of Cape Cod and end up under the hazy skies of the topics? Always planning my next excursion.
Happy & Hopeful as you can see from most of my blog posts, I am most grateful for all the good things in my life right now.

Now I am off to find to find five lucky bloggers who’d like to play next.

First lizard sighted for the season.