Off Line

Moving house and may be out of contact for a couple of weeks.
In this era of modern telecommunications we can You Tube from the top of Everest or the Moon but only if you give 10-15 working days advance notice and have someone spending a whole day at home waiting for the technician.

Suggestions on how to make the new place feel like home or magically get things out of boxes and into place would be gratefully appreciated. Or maybe craft furnishings out of cardboard boxes?

Jenny – click the email me button (under my photo on the right) and let me know how to reach you at your new place.

This is the view from the local railway station this morning – not bad eh!

My new beach walk.

The best thing we found in the process of moving was that Yankee Candles have arrived down under or to bayside Brisbane at least.

Find them at Candle Wick House, 16 Doig St., Cleveland QLD
mailto:Candlewickhouse@bigpond.comor 07 3821 3344