Spreading Light

‘There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.’ Edith Wharton
Some mornings on those rushed commutes, you really need to slow down and appreciate the views passing by.
Hundreds of Sky Watch Friday Bloggers share their own views from all around the world.

Itty Bitty books are a collection of ATCs bound up with a theme. This is part of a count down to Christmas project because after all we are almost half way to the next one!

Sneak peeks, what do you think is popping out of this box? Am attending the next Kit & Caboodle event in Cleveland QLD, a full day with Tina McGonegal from Australian Simply Cards and Angella Peardon of 10 Second Studio, it is sure to be over the top kind of creative day.

Sarah, of the Beach Cottage is hosting a Recession Misery Buster (RAK giveaway), check the link and see what she is posting this week. Always something fun going on there with tales of raising kids on the beach, settling into a new town or artfully reclaiming characters with good bones that make the beach cottage unique. Guaranteed to inspire with her recent addition of an on line mood board.