Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you. Maori Proverb

The butterfly card is a Red Rose tea collectable.
Text on the tag is from a prayer card dated 1898, it was very damaged but the words were worth keeping.

God made the bright round sun
He made the pretty flowers
The little birds, the trees, the clouds
The rain that falls in showers

He made papa, mamma
And baby brother too
And mother says God looks down from heaven
And sees everything I do

Then I must try to be
Pleasant and sweet and mild
For the good god who made me
A kind obedient child

Sunshine will be on ebay if you are interested. Lots of space at the bottom to be personalised with a name or word.

Rapt : {adj.} engrossed, absorbed, captivated and wrapped up .

Waiting on the first delivery of Rapt In Paper off the page products fresh from the CHA. For now you can watch a video that Cindy of Scrapbook Dimensions posted on You Tube that features what is coming soon and why I am excited about the possibilities.