Things you see

“What you see and hear
depends a good deal
on where you are standing;
it also depends on
what kind of person you are. “
CS Lewis author Chronicle of Narnia and Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie

Which sums up what was going on in trying to get this picture and how fans of Sky Watch Friday see our patch of the sky.

A film set has been erected in a local beach park for Voyage of the Dawn Treader and their dragon boat is impressive.

In the interest of public safety, tall fences have been placed a good distance from the area meaning you can not get a photo of the full boat without a tree stuck up the middle and a half dozen pieces of equipment in the way.

Watching the photography buffs climbing up trees and fences trying to get a better angle was pretty entertaining. But then again, it is not every day you have a dragon floating by your beach or patch of sky.