We are all travellers in the wilderness of this world
The best we can hope to find in our travels
Is an honest friend
Robert Louis Stevenson

This is a part of a regular challenge project sponsored by Louise of Beachys Cape Cod Cupboard based on photos from a 1930’s English photo album.
Louise has the most wonderful creations in her etsy shop and often giveaways on her blog.

Whitby is a beachside town in Yorkshire England. To add authentic charm to this creation we used a heart earring to circle the name on an old map of the area and shells collected from the English Channel.
Other additions are an embroidered hanky and souvenir spoon stamped Sheffield on the back. On the front of the spoon is a crest with the words ‘Live in Truth & Love’, the best we can wish for any friends we meet in our travels.

If you are in the mood for more scented and soulful creations, check Jill’s Bittersweet blog for her March giveaway. The Bittersweet handmade soap range is a delicious treat.

Happy Easter Everyone