Whatevers – 1

Found photos of weddings, babies, or young people going off to war are often for sale at jumble stalls and antique centres.  Rich with details of fashion or landscapes that have changed and vintage automobiles, but sadly with no voice to tell their stories.  Do you ever wonder, who are these people and what is their story? 

Whatevers is a new challenge site hosted by 3 creative friends Cat Scanlon, Vicki Chrisman, Nat Kalbach,  to celebrate found photos and the stories that could be told.
My creation is Charles and Chelsea

Techniques: versamark stamping, over sprayed with stencils, more stamping, crackle paints and collage

Their Story:
Childhood friends Charles and Chelsea grew up on the outskirts of a university town.  Their parents were professors and lecturers leading an exciting life, their home often hosted interesting afternoon teas full of debates about music or environmentalism but when the conversation lead to existentialism that was the clue for Charles and Chelsea to go out to play. 

Their playground was the fields and streams and bushland that surrounded their town, just perfect for budding environmentalists to explore, charting wildlife, flowers and flying insects.  But seasons change and so do lives, their parent’s contracts were up and new adventures beckoned. Places like Indo-China, Tibet, the jungles of Africa or the Amazon sounded so far away and very different from their quiet town with fields of buttercups but losing your best friend was too much to bear.

Tickets and goodbye afternoon teas were booked as that departure date loomed. Charles and Chelsea had to work hard at sitting still for the endless rounds of photographs in their Sunday best outfits and laughed the idea that they would become miniature cardboard cut outs posted on the mantel of friends houses.
Like all good friends, a pinky promise was made to stay pals forever, to document in creative journals their separate travels and write letters as often as they could so that it would become an adventure shared. 
That is my start with the Whatever’s and a reminder on why we scrapbook or journal the stories behind the photos.  Click the links ~ join the fun ~ and remember to tell your story.