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Walking your story

  <a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> “You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.” –Brene Brown Brene Brown has a lovely way of explaining what can be a complex subject and loving this idea of celebrating every bit of who you are instead of trying […]

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Every day is a new day

I love that every day is a new opportunity to turn the page and try a new view point.  For me lately that is mastering the details of wordpress and creating videos for on line workshops.  All good fun but not as much fun as a day on the water with family and friends.   […]

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Winter in the tropics

Winter has arrived in the tropics, it is close to frosty at night but afternoons are delightful. Bobbing in the morning light are surfers with extra thick wet suits looking for the perfect wave.  They are only a few minutes walk from these delightful creatures who prefer dozing in the warmth of the sun.  

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Welcome Home

This week included a visit with the family and for us that means time on the water, walking and talking and taking photos. The river bank and docks were busy with birds roosting over night. What a delightful commute they have. With this crystal clear water coming straight off the mountains, it is a beautiful […]

mandy collins australia mixed media tutorials

Getting outdoors and making the new year memorable

Happy New Year  ! This new year marked the start of an exciting adventure after being introduced the first time to the native Australian stingless bees.  In the photos they are the tiny little black spots, how nice to not have to be afraid of a bug bite or find a bee without a stinger. This year’s summer holiday […]