Life’s a Beach

Warning: readers from the Maritime to Cape Cod can skip this page or at least try and not to giggle while we share this recipe for left overs.
That’s right, left overs. When we travel it is natural to learn customs of the places you go and share a little of your own culture. For some lobster or crab is plentiful and we are always looking for creative ways to use it up in recipes like this one.
The first time I served this dish down under, people did the whole OMG this is incredible you must share the recipe dance. I laughed trying to explain it is just a bit of this and that stirred together but for them it was a delicacy.

In the spirit of sharing this is my ‘secret recipe’ for Seafood Dip which can double as a sandwich filling.

2 cups shreded crab or lobster meats
no extender please!
½ cup diced red/yellow/green bell peppers
depending on where you are from that is capsicum
¼ finely diced salad or red onion
¾ cup Miracle Whip -no not mayo
that’s the secret ingredient as it gives extra zip to the flavour
stir everything together
best to leave sit for a hour in the fridge to let your flavours mingle

To shake it up a little give the top a light sprinkle of smoked paprika or parsley

Adding a couple of shrimp or prawns on the top helps people identify it as seafood

You will have to excuse me know my fingers are a little sticky and there are left overs to deal with.