Peaceful Weekend

“Nobody can bring you peace, but yourself.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Though this late evening view of the bay on a cool winter’s evening with a fisherman trying for one last catch and the ferry making the last trip before nightfall was pretty close to finding peace and quiet.

We have been having some particularly pretty coloured skies full of pastel pinks and blues resulting from dust storms blowing in from the bush.

Sky Watch Friday has hundreds of bloggers from all over sharing their view of the sky in all kinds of different moods.

Anne who has beautiful photo and other crafts blogs has gifted me the Lemonade Stand award for blogs with Great Attitude and Gratitude in celebrating all that is good in life and I do like that old saying about turning life’s lemons in to lemonade. This week gallons of lemonade could be possible with the lemons we had to choose from but hoping that more sunshine is on the way soon.

One of the things that helps me keep balanced are like minded blogging friends who focus on the possibilities and these are a few I am grateful for finding.

  • Jill with the Bittersweet Speciality Soaps and Calico Petals darling designs and crafts.
  • Louise celebrating unique handicrafts from the beaches of Cape Cod
  • Linda a creative altered artist
  • Noell who’s Paperclipping blog provides easy to understand explanations to all kinds of design concepts that take creativity that one step further
  • Sarah with Beach Cottage shabby chic beach décor on a thrift store budget
  • Kimberlee another office worker shuffling through the grey suit world to find the most delightful little rays of sunshine with her Brown Button blog