Salty Breezes

Blog linking to a few parties this week and think my expat friends will like this quote attributed to Christopher Columbus. “You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” 

For those of us who travel, it is big leap of faith and you never know where you will end up but always an adventure.  The theme for this expat blog challenge was tastes like home, for me that had to be the beach.

For Chrisy’s reconnecting with nature party, I can share this photo of nature playing a decorative arranger with these shells forming a perfect heart shape. Beach living is all about being outdoors and embracing the many moods of nature. 
Sky Watch Friday fans know most of my favourite photos are from the beach, this one is a fun shot that included all manner of flying things, folks in paragliders and birds coasting on the breezes running up the cliffs.   How is that for getting up close with nature?
Tastes of home for me will always be seafood and find it interesting that what is a tasty treat in some places is not considered suitable for humans in other places.  In the North Atlantic Sea Moss or Irish Moss and Dulse are hugely popular. 

Sea moss is harvested and sold for processing into gelatin based products including pudding. It is great to see that it is now considered a environmentally friendly sustainable crop.   

Dulse is a bit more flavoursome, in the Maritimes and Maine, people will chew it like tobacco, or chop it up as a spice.    Dulse is making a comeback as hip new super food and people like the Maine Seaweed Man are posting recipes to show how to sneak a bit of salty spice into your cooking.

Lots more natural and salty recipes to be found on my pinterest page and a few creative craft projects too.

Visit Catherine Scanlon’s blog to check out her give away of this very pretty stamp set.   Having a lot of fun with her floral themes. Catherine is from Maine where they are waiting patiently for the arrival of spring and inviting everyone to share cheery words about spring flowers.

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