Celebrating Life

Project Life is making a big impact on the world of papercrafting and art journaling.  Those little pockets unleash a different kind of creativity and I love that focus on writing the story to go with the photos.  
Last month we held a celebration of life for our mother with the kind help of Nici who helped us embrace the message of celebrating the beauty of our days.  At the same time friends were asking me how to save special cards in the Project Life format and how to make use of the collections of scraps we are all hoarding.  The questions became the inspiration for these pages as a celebration of life with journaling about the creative journey we shared.
 Maya Road Stamps with a sewing theme were the creative spark that called for a handicraft theme.    CratePaper Fourteen has a Valentines Day theme with a bit of creative cutting gives you lots more options.   
The base of the page is Cupid paper cut to the 3×4” size with faux stitching.
Everyone love stencils and I love being creative in recycling.  Kiddies stencils can double duty in the craft room.  
Being creative with trims we can focus on  love hearts.
All the photos on these pages are from special times with stories to tell and that was the inspiration for flip up journal cards.
Our last card for mother’s day now has a home and a story to share.
Love to hear your thoughts on the Project Life style and don’t mind a good challenge ~ just like the question of how do you save special cards in the pockets ~ you never know where they will take you.