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Catching up on lots of creative posts.  Next week we double celebrate with Canada Day and then 4th of July.  In celebration of the town we called home for a large part of my childhood am sharing a project life style page on Plymouth.  If you get to that part of the country, Plymouth has so much to offer in history and culture and a magical environment.

Whatevers is a challenge site hosted by 3 creative friends, Cat Scanlon, Vicki Chrisman, Nat Kalbach to celebrate found photos and the stories they tell or could be told if someone took the time to write them down.  Found photos at tag sales and antique centres always make me curious, who are these people and where are their families.  There are interesting things to see with different clothing styles or old motor cars and pieces of life in days gone by.

My first post tells where I started the story and these are my last few contributions and their stories.
Featuring Maya Road stamps, Julie Fan Balzer stencils and Splash ofColor paints

Dear Charles
We are having the most amazing adventures in the East. The photo is of my exchange school tutor with her amazing collection of origami balls, she does the most amazing things with folded paper.  The circle is my attempt at calligraphy, it looks so simple but the symbols mean so much.  The symbol for ZEN is curious, almost full circle but not.  Practicing these graceful skills takes lots of concentration and I often find my mind wandering and wondering about how busy our lives are, almost out of balance and certainly out of zen!  warmest hugs from Chelsea 


Dearest  Chelsea
The last few months have flown by.  Your newsy letters always full of interesting snippets from afar bridge time and miles. Reading words can’t beat being together but for now all those words and letters a building a strong bridge.  warmest hugs from Charles

Whatevers photo challenge, this time I took the boys to Paris, using Liz Hicks new number stamps, Luminarte paints, Graphic 45 papers, and Balzer Design stencils

Dearest Chelsea,

This will be a quick message as we are off and racing again this morning and heading towards Paris.  This Great Race as they are calling it has taken weeks for our little motor car to cross oceans, tundra, hills and many many miles, often without a real road as we know it.   What a wild adventure this road trip has been, so many different cultures and styles of living but you know one thing that struck me is that no matter where we go, people are people, they are all curious about the motor car and excited about the potential for more people to be able to travel great distances to see the world for themselves.

Hugs and looking forward to seeing you soon. Charles

A project life page with a bit of a mixed media twist on the theme of ‘our town’ Using Bo Bunny Anthem paper collection and a lot of stamps and inks.  Lately I have been using Donna Salzar Mixed Media Inks from Colorbox, they blend so beautifully.  I love using papers and trims in a new way and building pop out journaling into the pockets. We counted ourselves very lucky to have an opportunity to move to Plymouth. We were there for  bicentennial celebrations, record breaking blizzards, and many fun adventures on the beaches and around the pine scented forests.  Pretty amazing to see history on most every street corner and to go to school with descendants of the original settlers. 

Happy Canada day for everyone north of the 49th parallel and happy Independence Day to everyone in Plymouth.

 Blog links to Jenny Matlocks’ Alphabe-Thursday, a fun party with weekly themes rounding the alphabet and really fun to see how people interpret the theme, cooking, photos, funny stories, always something interesting.